Furkapass ‘n back is a photo blog that portrays a round trip from Portugal to Switzerland, in which a couple of very high mountain passes such as the Furka, the Grimsel, the Susten, the Fourclaz and the Jaun, were served as main courses.

For the true european motorcycling connoisseur, these mountain passes represent the ultimate paradise city of mountain roads (yes, the grass is green and the girls are definitely pretty), with irreprehensible road surface, dream-like views, and switchbacks aplenty providing an awesome riding experience.

As apéritif and desert, two quick visits to Bilbao, in Spain. And for slowing the pace down a notch, and enjoying a bit of food for the heart and soul, a very comforting couple of days in a small village in the south of france, La Cappelle-et-Másmolene, chez some great swiss friends.

Thank you to all the friends and family that made this possible. Special thanks to Phil (Lausanne), Karine (Lausanne), Ricardo (Salamanca), Marta (Bilbao), and Rui [a.k.a. the-GPS-Guru] (Lisbon). It wouldnt”ve been the same without you guys.

If you’d like to know more about the equipment used on this trip, please go to:





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