For a quick introduction, please go to ABOUT.

Before you go to ARCHIVE, where you can find all photos available divided in categories, make sure you hit the F11 key on your keyboard. By activating the “full screen” view, you’ll enhance the landscape-effect that most pictures have, while allowing you to focus on the photos themselves, rather than being distracted by the browser window frame.

You can either go through the whole set of photos one by one, or select a category filter to take a look at just a couple of them, each time around. If you don’t have the time it takes to check out all the photos (they’re roughly 500, fyi), stick to the photos of day 6 and 7. You’ll find them the most worthwhile.

Note that whenever you select a category filter (v.g. “Day 7”), you’ll be sampled with a random 24 thumbnail photo selection, but there are many more photos hiden in between, so by just looking at thumbnails you’ll miss most photos.

Now, if you’re not afraif of heights and happen to have a fast internet connection, we do encourage you to enlarge the first out of the whole FULL DECK, and then jump from one to the other by pressing the > link on the bottom of each page, or simply clicking on the right-hand side of your screen, next to the photo.

Enjoy your visit.


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